• SP350/357 Base


If it’s affordable performance you’re looking for to power your project vehicle, Chevrolet Performance’s SP350/357
delivers! With 357 horsepower and a deep reserve of low-rpm torque, it quickly reminds you why Chevrolet’s original
350 Small-Block has been the industry benchmark for decades.

The SP350/357 leverages the strength of a strong rotating assembly secured in a brand-new block with four-bolt
mains, along with economical Vortec iron cylinder heads. A roller camshaft optimizes drivability and airflow capability.
It all adds up to a 24-horsepower gain over our 350 HO crate engine – and a great, affordable alternative to rebuilding.
Our base crate engine package includes an assembled long block, including the oil pan and balancer. You finish it off
your way, with the ignition system, induction system and additional accessories.

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SP350/357 Base

  • $3,766.22