• ZZ572/620 Deluxe


Proving the adage there’s no replacement for displacement, the ZZ572/620 is the ultimate expression of Chevrolet
Performance’s engineering capability, wrapped up in a soul-stirring combination of performance and attitude. We build the
ZZ572/620 with huge 4.560-inch bores and a 4.375-inch stroke to help it deliver 621 hp and a stunning 645 lb.-ft. of grunt!

Strength comes from a latest-generation tall-deck block casting with four-bolt main caps and an all-forged rotating
assembly, while high-flow aluminum rectangular-port cylinder heads with massive 310cc intake passages, 1.88 inch
raised exhaust ports and 118cc combustion chambers process tremendous airflow. A hydraulic roller camshaft
with an impressive 0.632/0.632-inch lift and 254/264-degree duration specifications optimizes the airflow volume
enabled by the large-port heads.

Chevrolet Performance delivers this Big-Block with an 850-cfm carburetor, HEI distributor, aluminum water pump
and distinctive orange powder-coated valve covers that proudly proclaim the 572 legend.

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ZZ572/620 Deluxe

  • $16,228.54